This is my personal website. A place for me to share and organize links, tasks, images and more.

Also it's an ongoing web development project to learn and try out new things.



My name is Cem. My pronouns are he/him. Online I use the alias rebootl.

As of 2021, I'm 40 years old. Amongst other things I like computers, chess and astronomy.

My code is on github:

Occasionally I stream on twitch:

My lichess account:

I use discord: rebootl#6863
You can find me for example on the lichess server.

Additionally I'm on libera IRC as rebootl. Channel: #revamp

I also have telegram: @rebootl

Software I use

OS: Arch Linux / Kubuntu / Debian (Servers)
I've been using Linux exclusively for years now and I reallly love it.
Desktop: KDE Plasma, i3, openbox
Browser: firefox
Streaming: obs
Editors: atom, nano


Unless otherwise stated content is my own and copyright applies.

Copyright 2021 Cem Aydin