On this site you can find a collection of private projects, notes, ideas a.s.o..

Since I’ve many interests I wanted a place where I could easily publish and document things.

Have fun.


Basically english, some articles in german. Messy ? Yes.


My name is Cem.

I’m 34 years old and live in Switzerland, near Zurich.

My long time alias on the web is rebootl.


For all my private computer work and software projects I use free, open-source software.

My code is on github: https://github.com/rebootl

Often, I’m strongly engaged on a project for some time, but then I move on.

So, a lot of things may be unfinished. However, after some time again, I may return and continue work with new energy and new ideas.

Some of the projects I started:

Other things I did:

  • various modelling in Blender

  • previous websites like this one (including several variants of static CMSs in Python, also based on Pandoc/Markdown and even git)

website technology

The site is managed by ever evolving, little, self-written CMSs.
Currently the CMS is called rubric-dyn. rubric-dyn is supposed to have an emphasis on content. It’s based on Flask, including Jinja2 templating and makes use of Pandoc/Markdown. As well as a very basic SQLite3 database.
Driven by and written in my favourite programming language: Python.

The website itself is written HTML5. Looking at HTML5 as a set of technologies this includes JavaScript and CSS as integral parts of a modern website.

Copyright 2018 Cem Aydin