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a crazy gif from rosetta (needs some cool music to it :D)
a crazy gif from rosetta (needs some cool music to it :D)
2016-09-28 15:28 some-barndoor-tracker-research-stuff

Some recent research to barndoor tracking:

The Distance between the NCP (north celestial pole) and Polaris is approx. 0.7°.1
(Needed for polar alignment.)

(google search: “sehwinkel teleskop messen”)

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2016-07-28 20:00 iss-sightings--trails-_28

Yesterday evening I was looking out of the window, at about 22:45. I saw a bright light flying slowly from south to north. Must be an airplane, was my first thought. But no, it wasn’t blinking. Being too bright for a regular satellite, it might be the ISS1 then. I even tried to take a snapshot, but it passed too fast and disappeared behind the horizon.

Maybe it would reappear later and I could photograph it then, I thought. Knowing that the ISS takes roughly 90 minutes for one revolution around the earth, I knew I had some time to research and prepare.

So, I checked on’s daily astronomy calendar2 and yes the ISS should be visible this night, even five times.

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